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Help for players

Question: How to start playing?
Answer: After registering on the project, you go to the "Actions" section, where you make the necessary purchases, collect the extracted cryptocurrencies, sell them and get gold.

Question: How do I top up my balance?
Answer: You can top up the balance in the "Account status" section in any convenient and affordable way. Replenishment is available using Payeer, Free-Kassa payment systems.

Question: How can I top up my balance with not USD?
Answer: The best option is to use the monitoring of exchangers, if you have cryptocurrency or a visa and a master card, then the Payeer accepts such currencies

Question: Is it possible to exchange gold from one account to another?
Answer: Yes. On our project there is a section "Gold exchange" where you can exchange gold from an account for withdrawal to an account for purchases.

Question: I filled up the account, but the money did not come - what should I do?
Answer: Expect. The deposit rate depends on the payment method you choose. Therefore, the payment time can vary from 1 minute to 2 working days. Before making a payment, carefully read the terms of the transfer or payment. If you did everything right, but the money still did not reach your account, then and only then write us an email to with full payment information (Payment system, date, time, amount, transfer/transaction number, login and ID in the game and which game).

Question: How soon can I start withdrawing money?
Answer: Immediately after you type the minimum amount for withdrawal 10 Gold = 1 USD . There are no additional restrictions on our project, money withdrawal is available without investments!

Question: What should I do in order to withdraw money from the project?
Answer: You can withdraw your earnings in the "Order payment" section, payments are made automatically and manually to various payment systems! From them you can instantly transfer funds to where it is more convenient for you, as well as to a bank card.

Question: I ordered the payment, but the money hasn't arrived yet. How long should I wait approximately?
Answer: The payment execution time is on average from one minute to 48 hours.

Question: Is there a maximum amount to be paid on the project?
Answer: No. Your earnings are unlimited!

Question: How else can you earn gold on a project other than buying mines?
Answer: You can earn gold in two more ways:
1. Inviting referral friends to our project.
2. Receiving numerous bonuses of our project.
Each relevant section has a detailed description.

Question: How do I attract referrals?
Answer: You need to send your affiliate link, which is located in the "My referrals" section to the user or users you want to invite. As soon as they replenish the balance, they will be considered active referrals and you will receive gold for them to your account for purchases!

Question: I want to change a referral or referrer, how do I do it?
Answer: Unfortunately, this data cannot be changed! If your friend did not become your referral after registration, then he did not register using your affiliate link. Before registering using your affiliate link, please ask your friends to clean the cache so that they get to you on our project. Users who come to the project without an invitation, first become free referrals, then become referrals of the leaders of our project.

Question: I'm trying to invite referrals, but I'm not doing well. Can you help?
Answer: There are many ways to attract referrals, among which there are absolutely free! Register your accounts in different social networks, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter! Recruit as many friends as possible from different parts of the world and share with them your affiliate link to our website! In addition, you can leave your affiliate link in a variety of communities-groups of social networks! This method is absolutely free! Another absolutely free method of attracting active referrals is a wide variety of forums on a variety of topics! Type the phrase "mine-minerals" in the search and forums will open in front of you with a discussion of our game! Leave your comment on them and at the end of your comment, put your affiliate link to our website! In addition, you can create topics on a wide variety of forums yourself and leave your affiliate link there! Active referrals will definitely start joining your team, since you did not stimulate them and they themselves expressed a desire to register on the project! There is another, rather inexpensive and very effective way to recruit a team of referrals - this is banner advertising! Place a banner on our website with your affiliate link on a wide variety of sites and get rewarded from your referrals! The most effective way to recruit a team of active referrals for many years and get a good income is to send letters to mailboxes! Use proven services in this direction and you will be very pleasantly surprised by the result! This method is quite expensive, but the most effective today!